Sacrebleu discovered the book Swissted in NYC, a project of the New York graphist Mike Joyce. Combining his passion for rock music and graphic design, Mike Joyce is well-known, among others, for Ketty Perry’s and Iggy Pop’s album covers. One day he decided to transform the vintage flyers of the punk rock bands from his youth into posters with an helvetic inspiration. Each poster expresses a new aesthetics with strict lines, colorful geometric shapes, overlapping and transparency effects and texts in the Bertold Akzidenz Grotesk medium.

This originality immediately seduced the Sacrebleu' team, who had only one idea in mind : put Swissted into movement and produce a custom-made soundtrack with clips of all his cult titles.

We do it with our new sister company bases in London and NYC: SACREBLEU !!

This is how this movie was born. It celebrates in motion graphics those emblematic bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s.